Guide To Taking CW Hemp Oils

Nature's Angels: Guide To Taking CW Hemp Oils

Other Variables to Consider

Time of day: We suggest starting at night. Many report that CW helps them get great sleep. This may not be the effect you notice at first but if great sleep is the result, all the better to be close to bedtime for your first few servings. 

Setting: While the world doesn’t slow down for our health needs (how great would it be if it did!), doing what you can to be in a relaxed place may be helpful in observing your personal health results. At home may be the best place to take your first couple of servings. 

If you “don’t feel anything,” don’t feel frustrated.  It just means that you haven’t found your ideal level yet. You can continue this process until you feel what’s right or move on to a higher concentration. 

Remember that if you’re starting with Everyday, you may be able to start with a larger initial serving, but if you’re starting out with Everyday Plus or Everyday Advanced, smaller increments to start may set you on your best path. 

CW Pro tip: For Everyday Plus users who feel they go through the bottle too quickly, consider a step up to Everyday Advanced.  

At a full 50 mg hemp extract per 0.6 ml serving in our Everyday Advanced, users may find results with less than a full serving. Which means a 1 oz. bottle that gives you 50 servings may last much longer than expected while still helping you get great results. 

Complete Guide To Taking CW Hemp Extract

We’ve received remarkable feedback from so many CW customers who report positive results from using Charlotte’s Web products. If you’re just getting started or moving up to a different strength, you might not be getting your desired results yet because you haven’t found the perfect amount of CW for your individual needs. That can be frustrating. No one wants to feel like Goldilocks, bouncing between “too much” and “too little.” We want to help you find the amount that’s juuuust right - your CW sweet spot. 

Every person’s body and metabolic process is different. The effects of one drop for some could be the same as an entire dropper for others. While we have the highest level of quality controls in place to make sure that each bottle of CW Hemp is consistent, everyone’s body will metabolize the hemp extracts differently. That’s why we suggest a process for acclimating to CW Hemp that’s based on your own body’s responses. 

We know that people also take CW for many different and varied reasons —  from mood stabilization and recovery from exercise-induced inflammation to more serious issues — so one set of instructions does not fit all. 

Here is how to start in a way that gently gets you in the groove, whether it’s your first time using the products or you’re moving up to the next strength. 

Before we get started

If you’re trying CW Hemp products for and suffer from issues outside of those promoted on the label, we suggest you speak to a health care professional or a trusted resource like a customer care specialist at The Realm of Caring who can talk to you about your specific needs and give you personalized assistance.

Video: More about The Realm of Caring  

The Step-Up Method

Before you build up to the recommended serving size, you can start with less to gradually acclimate. Many of us at CW use a step-up method to get started or move to new strengths. Like we said, everybody is different, and even those in the CW family have to take the time to figure out what’s best for our individual needs.       

Start with ¼ a dropper daily for 7 days (or longer, if you want to move more slowly).

If you know you are sensitive to supplements and over the counter drugs like aspirin and acetaminophen, consider starting with 4 drops. 

Take at a consistent time of day so it’s easier to notice effects.

If you notice some results then -- Eureka! -- you’ve found your sweet spot. If not, then “step up” by either doubling this initial amount OR use the same amount but take 2 times a day. Either way, keep this pattern consistent for 7 days. 

Notice how you feel. Take note of any shifts mentally or physically.  

If you haven’t noticed any changes, step up to the next level. Double your nighttime serving for the next 7 days.

Again, consistency is the best way to evaluate how it’s working. 

Continue increasing by doubling one of your servings each week until you reach your desired results. If you find yourself needing to exceed the recommended serving amount, that's a good indication that it's time to step up to a different strength.

If you hit a point when you feel it’s too strong, take a “half step” down (ex. if you were using increments of 1/4 a dropper to move up, then reduce by only an 1/8 of a dropper). Now you’re narrowing in on the range, getting closer your sweet spot.

If taking our Simply Hemp capsules, start with 1 capsule once a day, ideally at nighttime. Then increase to 1 capsule 2 times a day.

Instead of doubling the amounts, like we did for liquid, add one capsule in the PM for a week, then add one capsule in the AM for a week, noticing changes along the way.

Source: Charlotte's Web by the Stanley Brothers, 2017.