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Health Applications

Hemp has been a wellness tool for thousands of years. The proprietary hemp extract of Charlotte’s Web™ contains a full spectrum of plant compounds that support life-essential biological processes in the neurological, immune, nervous and the endocannabinoid systems.

Charlotte’s Web™ has a variety of useful health applications and has achieved
global media and medical coverage. It delivers the best blend of the good stuff - cannabinoids, naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants. 

Common uses include: management of appetite, immune function and memory, metabolism and sleep, stress etc.

Charlotte’s Web™ is 100% natural. It is NON-GMO, gluten and sugar free, which makes it the perfect supplement for daily health and wellness - suitable for the whole family.  

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About Us

Nature’s Angels is founded on the knowledge and understanding that the ‘eco-services’ of Mother Nature in synergy with 21st Century technology produces effective solutions for the relief and prevention of ailments brought about by the stresses of daily life.

Our mission is to identify and source only the finest health products from around the world- delivered straight to your door at an affordable price.

Quality and Service are the driving force behind Nature’s Angels – So you can be confident that in using this website you will make an effective choice on the best products available for your specific needs based on the latest news and advances in this co-venture between nature and science.

Our Expertise

Our personal team motto, Proven Pioneers, has been well earned amongst our three co-founders.  One co-founder, with an engineering background and a distinction in Business Management from Imperial College Business School is the major driving force behind Nature’s Angels, bringing together our Proven Pioneers.  Another comes from a dedicated organic farming background, bringing an understanding of premium quality combined with sustainability.   Last but not least our third co-founder contributes almost two decades of knowledge in effective alternative health for the long lasting relief and prevention of pain.

Each one of our Proven Pioneers has brought their vision, conviction and determination to their respective roles.  

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